How to wear a Blouse?

How to wear a Blouse

How to wear blouses? What clothes should I wear them with? What styles of blouses to use? The ideal patterns for a perfect look?

Today, we present you blouse models of very different types that we try for you in different outfits. There is something for every style! The idea is to know how to properly match your blouse for a top look. πŸ‘ŒΒ 

Before we start, let us introduce you to our satin blouse collection. How not to fall in front of so much charm and style? Check out the collection by simply clicking on the image below.

6 blouses that have everything to please

To show you different styles of blouses, we've selected six new blouse designs that we're excited about from the classics. Each blouse has specific characteristics that make it special.

Making this selection was not so easy! We did extensive research, ordered blouses, and then I dug through boxes, tissue paper and beautiful fabrics. 😎

But we did it: today we present you 6 blouses for different types of styles, with corresponding outfit ideas and directions on how to wear a blouse well.

Blouse #1: The Classic White Blouse

What's the best way to start a blouse selection? With a classic white blouse. But what looks so classic at first glance is, at second glance, a pretty awesome evolution of this timeless blouse pattern.

Blouse style and fit details:

white blouse

This blouse has several details that make it exceptional:

  • Instead of the usual small button placket on the cuffs, this blouse makes the button placket a decorative feature along the entire length of the sleeve, from the shoulder to the cuffs. The fall sleeve trend has been picked up here and implemented with understated class.
  • The small shirt collar and a large pocket on the chest are clearly reminiscent of a man's shirt, including cool, masculine vibes.
  • Another beautiful and figure-friendly detail of this blouse: the rounded front hem is at hip level, while the back hem is significantly longer and covers the buttocks.
  • The back is much wider than the front and ends with a slight A-line downwards.
  • Needless to say, the blouse is made of a dreamy quality of elastic cotton blend poplin with Easy-Iron treatment (79% cotton, 18% polyamide, 3% elastane). So something for "those who don't like to iron"...

The classic white shirt with an androgynous look, a relaxed width that fits the figure, with an extravagant accent on the sleeves - think about it!

How to wear a White Blouse

white blouse look

  • White blouse is ideal for typical outfit combinations in the way wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. That's why slim pants, which come down to the ankle, are its best ally. Pleated pants as well as narrow 7/8 jeans come into play.
  • Short-legged women wear sturdy heeled ankle boots, while longer-legged women wear flat sneakers, slip-ons, lace-up shoes or thick-soled loafers. They once again take on the androgynous, casual charm of the blouse.
  • But you can also slip the slim pants into a knee-high boot.
  • If you need a little more show, I could imagine a small handbag, in a bright color. This one holds back the loose width a bit and gives even more structure to the upper body, and a style boost on top of that.
  • And when it's colder, we add a cape with squared off shoulders on top. And that's it!

This blouse doesn't need much more decorative detail. On the contrary: less is more!

Blouse #2: The Striped Blouse

What could be more timeless than a dark blue and white striped blouse? But you might say it's only for conservative women. And I would have agreed with you, at least until I saw this striped blouse with pink stripes...

striped blouse

From a fit perspective, the striped blouse is a classic blouse-shirt.

  • It has a small shirt collar, a proportionate chest pocket, a one-button cuff with a buttoned slit and a slightly rounded, slightly longer hem.
  • Another advantage is the fold in the back, which ensures a comfortable back width and also comes from the men's shirt.
  • But there are also nice stripes in pink and berry tones, which provide an extra touch of style. They are clearly visible at the end of the chest pocket, but also on the lower part of the collar and on the inner back yoke.
  • Added to this is an adorable pink cross stitch with which the buttons are attached.
  • To complete the picture, the blouse was made of butter-soft, smooth, slightly shiny and beautifully falling cotton (100%) in satin weave. A wonderful, soft quality!

This blouse is a conservative classic for your inner woman. The understated but effective embellishments in berry and pink tones make the look of the blouse distinctly softer and more tender. This is enhanced by the softness of the material, which is a real treat for the skin.

How to wear a Striped Blouse

The possibilities of this blouse-shirt are endless, for the office as well as for leisure. It can be combined in an elegant or casual way.

striped blouse look

  • Our favorite, however, would be a little change of style with a casual boyfriend jean or with another pair of rolled up jeans that are rather loose. Preferably in denim blue or white.
  • With white sneakers, it is the top. Dark blue loafers, rather sporty and classic, are also suitable.
  • For the woman in you, you can combine shoes in shades of berries or pink. Mary Janes or slingbacks would top the list for us, followed by delicate ballet flats with bows. πŸŽ—
  • The same goes for the handbag: a lady's bag in beige is gorgeous. The feminine shape in a girl's outfit, you might say?
  • And if you want to introduce yet another style break according to the motto "classic-conservative and girly", then pair the ensemble with a dark blue blazer, gladly also in the typical college style.

In winter, it would then be the occasion to take out a pink coat...
This blouse is truly versatile and has all the benefits of a classic, while still making the most of the feminine soul. This break in style built into the blouse can be used to great effect.

Blouse #3: The Dots Blouse

Polka dot blouses are very fashionable. For women, there is almost no better type of blouse that can be used in such a versatile way right now. But this model does even better in terms of versatility...

dots blouse

This blouse is feminine from start to finish:

  • The white polka dot pattern on a caramel background is carefree femininity in person. Soft and rounded, with charm as it should be.
  • The caramel color as well as all the medium brown shades are currently more in vogue than ever, and will remain so for the time being.
  • The sleeves are slightly gathered at the shoulders, giving a discreet effect. Another feminine trend for fall!
  • The blouse has a deep V-neckline with a hidden button placket. This is not only beneficial for the figure, but also gives a very elegant impression.
  • The back yoke with a pleat that extends to the front gives enough freedom of movement in the back and ensures a horizontal line on the shoulder in the front. In other words: this blouse is great for slightly emphasizing the shoulders and widening them!
  • The loop is buttoned inside the neckline and looks like a long fabric tie. It's very flexible: tied in a loop, tied asymmetrically near the neck and falling over the shoulder with one end, or simply tied loosely like a long tie, so that the long ends hang down the middle in the front. Every heart will find its own style variation!
  • If you decide not to wear a skirt, you'll get a wonderfully understated and elegant collarless blouse with a v-neckline for versatile use.

And of course, the blouse is once again made of premium (100%) cotton in a discreetly shiny, easy-to-iron satin weave!

How to wear theΒ Dots Blouse

This elegant, feminine classic just needs to be incorporated into an office-appropriate brown-cream-caramel ensemble of fine cashmere and cold wool pieces.

dots blouse look

  • A brown or camel flannel or wool sheet pant with a soft, flowing silhouette lends itself perfectly.
  • But a pencil skirt or (wrap) skirt with a slight A-line in this quality of fine woolen sheet or soft suede leather gives the blouse a worthy frame.
  • A cashmere or alpaca cardigan in a short or long version goes perfectly with it.
  • A classic trench coat also completes the ensemble beautifully.
  • The elegant woman pairs pearl jewelry with the train - yes, the woman can do it again! πŸ™Œ
  • Footwear is left to your preference, and your other stylistic facets: With an A-line skirt, knee-high brown boots certainly look great. With a pencil or pencil skirt, you can wear pumps or thin-heeled ankle boots.
  • Men's style lace-up shoes even go well with the soft-fitting pants, if you want to introduce a little change of style in the feminine composition.
  • The classic medium-sized lady's bag with a rather angular look and a handle, think of the style of a Hermes bag perfectly suits the look. But a saddlebag style shoulder bag in fine leather would also be a suitable addition.

This blouse always gives your outfit the necessary touch of soft femininity, while bringing a lot of elegance and variety. The understated use of trendy details makes the polka dot blouse very contemporary on the one hand, but also makes it a potentially very durable companion in your wardrobe.

Blouse #4: The Boho Style Blouse

This blouse is designed to be slipped on easily and feel great, especially if you have a bit of a boho gene in you and want to show it off in a professional setting. Indeed, thanks to its pattern and material, the tunic blouse is quite suitable for the office.

boho blouse

  • The blouse has a straight and casual cut, typical of the slip-on blouse.
  • It has a straight hem with a slit, a little reminiscence of the original tunic.
  • The slit neckline is held in place by narrow fabric ties or can be left open casually.
  • The fullness of the sleeves is aligned with a thin border at the cuff, and thus releases some of the charm of the much more generous bishop sleeves. This is also a typical boho style cut.
  • The pattern is a graphic design of circles and stripes with a great black and white contrast and a bit of blue and purple to accentuate it. It's mostly the pattern, with its strict geometric statement, that makes the blouse suitable for the office. However, it has enough ethnic charm to stay in the boho style.
  • The material of the blouse is also wonderful: one hundred percent viscose gives a cool, smooth feel and a charming, floppy yet silky fall.
  • The contrast of colors, graphics and shapes between the circles and stripes make this blouse very interesting. They form a counterpoint to the details of the casual boho cut. Combined with the properties of the fabric, the result is a very elegant note with casual accents.

This one is ideal for office workers who have a penchant for non-conformism. Or for all women who do not want to give up a touch of noble elegance, even in their leisure time and despite the casualness.

How to wear the Bohemian blouse

bohemian blouse look

  • This blouse can be combined in many ways, but the best composition is with straight or slim pants. Women who like to tuck in the blouse will wear a very conservative pencil skirt for a change of style!
  • The blouse is suitable for the office with straight, narrow pleated pants (and of course with the aforementioned pencil skirt).
  • You can wear it with elegant pumps, casual flat loafers or strict lace-up shoes. You can also opt for a sneaker-like style break in white or black.
  • A simple long vest works well with this outfit, as it picks up the boho vibe while still being serious enough. This vest can be structured in a formal way or have a casual lambskin look.
  • For casual, white jeans or leather leggings are the ultimate for a totally simple casual look. You can wear it to walk around town or to meet your friend, but also to go to the museum. πŸ€“
  • It gets autumnal with a black bootie or with one of the fashionable "combat boots" with a biker look or sprinter boots.
  • And with an oversized chunky knit jacket with a very long hem.
  • A longer cape or knit poncho over it is also mega-light and yet very chic.

The big, round, chunky hobo bag is always a stylish addition to the look.
With this blouse, you have a casual office companion, a versatile weapon for chic leisure and an indestructible vacation friend in one. With a guaranteed fun and loyalty factor.

Blouse #5: The Collarless Blouse

This blouse first makes a statement with its bright blue color. Second, with its couture look. So it's an eye-catcher in any outfit.

collarless blouse

  • This blouse is simple, straight and worked with darts on the chest and simple cuffs with a roof slit.
  • This fully shows off the precious fabric: it's a cotton and elastane blend with noble highlights - smooth and soft, but with touch. And easy to iron.
  • The surface of the fabric seems to have been created for the intense medium blue. This one makes a strong, obvious, uncompromising statement. Not light enough to be romantic, not dark enough to be serious. But intense enough to bring some drama to the look.
  • The only decoration that can add something decisive to this blue are four pleats on the understated round neck. That's enough to claim a couture feel. The quality of the fabric, with a bit more feel, even helps give these pleats a bit of an architectural look.
  • The hidden button placket leaves all the show to the fabric and that elegant pleating.

In any case, this blouse is the focal point of an outfit. So it's not for women who want to remain discreet. Thanks to its sobriety and the quality of its material, it is ideal for all women who want to make a statement without being too imposing.

Wear the Collarless Blouse with style!

collarless blouse look

  • This blouse looks best if you simply pursue the understated, couture intransigence. You do it with clean shapes and minimal but well placed cut details.
  • A slim wrap skirt with an asymmetrical, angular hem can stand up to the blouse. And bring a bit of edginess to the look. Smooth leather also works well.
  • Alternatively, the blouse gives even more class to a simple A-line skirt.
  • A marlene pant in Cool Wool with a wonderfully soft fall would also be a worthy companion.
  • A wide waist belt and simple ankle boots with a quirky block heel are an appealing choice. πŸ₯°
  • With an asymmetrical leather wrap skirt, knee-high suede boots are highlighted. Or soft ankle-high sockboots. Futurism is not forbidden.
  • It can be worn with a classic blazer, a large cape with a striking silhouette and square shoulders or the trench coat, an all-time classic.
  • The pants outfit is more casual with a long cardigan over it. This will give you a classy women look!
  • For a bag, all you need is a large rectangular clutch to give this trendy look the finish it deserves. Or a huge sober tote bag that can also be taken to the office.

By the way, the blue of the blouse works just as well with black and gray as it does with camel and beige, depending on your color scheme.
This blouse is the perfect companion for women who want to exude a strong presence and dressmaker class. And who, on the other hand, bet on a simple statement with a wow factor.

Blouse #6: The Asian Inspired Blouse

This blouse is an A-line blouse in midnight blue with some unusual details for Asian lovers.

Asian blouse

At first glance, this blouse only has a dominant A-line. But on closer inspection, the blouse has some really refined cut and finish details:

  • The blouse's wide swinging hemline has a wide border placed inside the hemline and a small slit on the side. This gives the hemline something compact, reliable and stable. The additional structuring seam gives the hem a very discreet accent.
  • Two separating seams in the front, which start at the collar seam and run down to the hem, also reinforce this A-line.
  • In the back, a yoke with a pleat that gives even more momentum.
  • The banded collar, away from the neck, is another unusual detail: it forms a clear, yet unobtrusive frame for the head, like a master key for many wise thoughts.
  • The blouse closes with an invisible, because concealed, button placket on one side, which runs from the top of the chest to the top edge of the collar and has been integrated into the front separating seam. It immediately brings to mind a typical Susi Wong collar, but with a very modern, almost architectural look.
  • A hidden button placket of the same type is also found at the base of the long sleeves and replaces the cuff.

These refined but hidden details, combined with a clean architectural silhouette and cut, make this pull-on blouse a favorite for minimalists who love simplicity and comfort. Add to that an undeniable Asian flair that evokes spiritual associations.

How to wear the Asian Blouse

Asian blouse look

This blouse doesn't need much. It's self-sufficient.

  • The most daring wear it with panties and simple thick-soled slip-ons. And thus reinforce the Asian style. The physical considerations are then secondary.
  • But dark blue fabric slim pants, ankle length, and lace-up shoes also suit the style.
  • Casual minds combine modern Asian chic with frayed jeans and sneakers. πŸ‘Ÿ
  • A large wicker or woven leather bag as well as a simple leather backpack are the most appropriate.
  • Since the blouse handles a bit of structured surfaces well, a trendy teddy (fake fur) coat would be a good choice to go with it when the weather gets cooler.

There's only one thing you should never do with this beautifully designed blouse: overdo it. Yet, you will make a statement with this blouse, but in a very minimalist way, thanks to the art of omission.


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