What fabric to wear in Summer?

What fabric to wear in Summer

What are the fabrics to wear in summer? What are the fabrics to avoid? The idea is to always enjoy the beauty of the clothes you wear without suffering the material when it is hot. ☀️

In summer, it is recommended to wear the following materials: linen, satin, cotton, wool and tencel. While polyester, leather, polyacrylic are to be avoided!

In this post, we will see together the different materials that give heat and those that should be favored in order not to be too hot during the summer heat waves!

Ready to know how to dress in a few seconds when the outside temperatures rise? Here we go!

what to wear in summer

The best fabrics to wear in Summer

Before discovering the fabrics to avoid when it's hot, let's discover together the fabrics to choose in order not to be too hot in your clothes. As a general rule, choose natural fabrics!

1) Linen

Linen is not only trendy, it's also the ultimate summer fabric. This natural fiber from the flax plant has a loose fabric that lets the heat that forms between the fabric and the skin escape, which has a cooling effect. In addition, linen absorbs moisture and dries quickly (an advantage over cotton).

Linen is a natural material that regulates temperature. It wrinkles very easily, but with a linen garment, you are sure not to get hot! Moreover, it is very pleasant to wear and offers you a little feeling of freshness for an instant sensation of coolness.

Linen in summer

2) Satin

Relying on silk and satin is a good idea. This fluid fabric is not only pleasant to the touch, it works as a natural air conditioner for our skin. So it's a great opportunity for you to not get too hot in summer.

Silk is a poor conductor of heat and wicks moisture (i.e. perspiration) from the body to the outside, where it evaporates. Plus, shimmering silk fabrics always look sophisticated and high quality: the optimal choice for a summer date at a fancy restaurant or a hot day at the office.

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satin dress

3) Cotton

Cotton is used a lot during winter and is often associated with clothes to be worn in winter. Even if it is true, it is absolutely not to banish from your outfit in summer, quite the contrary!

A thin cotton garment will give you a cool feeling throughout a hot day. It all depends on the thickness of the garment. When it's hot in the summer, you can easily wear cotton clothes. It is a thermoregulating material, so it is warm in winter and cold in summer, so cotton has the best of both worlds!

cotton during summer

4) Wool

Just like cotton, wool is thermoregulatory. It allows you to be warm in winter and keep you cool in summer, a real wonder! It is therefore absolutely not to banish from your summer wardrobe...

Indeed, wool is always associated with winter clothing, but it is not. Wear it in summer and enjoy all the comfort it has to offer!

Wool in summer

5) Tencel

Tencel is without a doubt the least known material presented in this article. It is however very fashionable for all the eco-responsible brands. It is a fiber that is made from wood, so of course 100% natural.

It helps us to breathe in our clothes unlike others and it is one of the materials to adopt in summer to not be too hot.

tencel in summer

Materials to avoid wearing in summer

Now that you know perfectly well what materials to wear when it's hot, let's discover together the materials to avoid wearing in summer. Here we go!

1) Polyester

100% polyester? No way! This synthetic fabric, which is now found in many cheap fashion brands, is unfortunately a real summer nightmare. Indeed, polyester does not breathe and cannot absorb liquids.

As a result, our sweat is not evacuated to the outside, odors develop and we sweat even more. It is therefore better to opt for cotton. The natural fibers allow air to circulate, which allows the wet sweat to dry on the skin and also absorbs it. In addition, cotton is light, offers great freedom of movement and is easy to care for.

Polyester to wear

2) Leather

On the other hand, we avoid thick leather in the summer. It is certainly super elegant, but it is a typical winter material that makes us sweat quickly in summer. Plus, leather pants or shirts are just too tight and stiff in hot weather. The only exception is suede, because it is breathable and more flexible and can therefore be worn in hot weather.

Leather good in winter

3) Polyacrylic

Polyacrylic is also part of the synthetic fibers, which by the way are petroleum-based and therefore not environmentally friendly. 😕

Moreover, they are not at all suitable for summer. The material stores heat and therefore only makes us sweat more in summer.

4) What you also need to know

Our extra tip of the day is not about a fabric to avoid but a color! You should avoid choosing black clothing at all costs when it's hot. Black naturally absorbs light and turns it into heat. So it's a good idea in winter, but absolutely avoid it in summer so you don't die of heat under your clothes.

And now, discover what to wear this winter !


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