What lingerie to wear under a dress?

lingerie under dress

Wondering what to wear as underwear depending on the type of dress? You want to adapt a type of bra according to the cut of the dress? Do you want to know what is ideal for each style of dress in your wardrobe?

In this blog post, we'll take a look at what lingerie to wear under a dress and how to deal with the different constraints you may encounter when putting on your best dress!

Our guide will help you find the best lingerie to wear under your dress. After reading the following lines, women's underwear will have no secrets for you. Ready to go? Let's get started!

Which lingerie under a satin dress? 

satin dresses


Satin dresses are often thin and smooth. This often lets the underwear show through. We have what you need to combat this with style and comfort. The important thing is that the seams and fabrics do not show.

Smooth underwear is perfect for this. Satin panties and thongs are perfect. Satin + satin = winning combo! T-Shirt bras with underwires and smooth straps are perfect. Be sure to wear them next to the skin for optimal comfort.

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What bra to wear under a low-cut dress?

lingerie with low-cut dress

The right bra for a plunging neckline must skilfully stage your cleavage by supporting it. The crotch (that is, the part that connects the bra cups to the front) should be narrow and placed very low so as not to be visible in the cleavage. The straps are placed as far outward as possible, so that they do not protrude under your clothes, even in the case of a very wide neckline, and the bra still provides good support.

Balconette bras or triangle bras are particularly well suited to this type of dress. If you have a deep and wide neckline, or are wearing a completely bare top or dress, a strapless push-up bra is also a good choice.

What colors of underwear to use under a white dress?

White clothing poses a special challenge. The trick with white dress is to choose the right color underwear so that it doesn't show through. This of course also applies to the new white blouse or summer pants, which should not show the underwear either.

Under no circumstances should you wear white under white, because it always shows through. Cream or flesh colors (adapted to your skin tone) or slightly pink tones are more suitable for white clothes. For comfort, it is recommended to use both simple underwired bras and simple non-underwired bras and bralettes, as they fit well and do not show the seams.

bra under white dress

Which bra goes with a strapless dress?

If you're looking for undergarments to go with a strapless dress (or top), it's best if the bra has no straps at all or if they are see-through. This is because the straps are so thin that the straps underneath can quickly look imposing and thus lose the desired effect.

In this case, strapless bras or strapless bustiers are the best alternatives, because your shoulders remain free. A bra with transparent straps is of course also suitable as underwear under a dress with spaghetti straps, if you don't want to completely give up the security and support of the straps.

bra with strapless dress

Which bra under a halter dress?

An elegant evening gown with a plunging back neckline is the perfect choice for very special events. But which bra is best suited for halter dresses? Most of the time, the evening dress is low cut in the front and back, so you need to make sure your bra is suitable for a deep neckline in the back.

For a plunging neckline, you will be well advised with a low-cut push-up bra. To be able to wear the bra under bareback dresses, preferably use a bra extender. Just clip it on the closures, cross it in the back and close it in the front.

You can also choose a bra with transparent straps and a transparent back if support in the back is important to you.

lingerie with halter dress

What bra to wear with a crew neck dress?

Long evening dresses, but also the "little black dress", often rely on the elegant neckline. So that the straps do not protrude unsightly under the beautiful dress, a halter bra or a halter bra are exactly the right options.

Both have a slight push-up effect and ensure a nice, full cleavage. Of course, you can also go straight for a strapless bra, as this also makes the underwear almost invisible under your dress.

The choker bra and the strapless bra look great under halter dresses. The multi-directional bra is another variation where you can adjust the straps (or take them off completely) in a straight, criss-cross or halter style, depending on your preference.

lingerie under neck dress

What lingerie to wear under a tight dress?

You've found the dress of your dreams for the big night, it's form-fitting and shows off your figure perfectly, but something still doesn't fit? Maybe it's the underwear you can see underneath...

The important thing about underwear under a dress or tight top is that the fabric or seams do not stand out. T-Shirt bras, with their underwiring for perfect support and preformed cups that are particularly suitable for tight clothing, are suitable for this purpose, as nothing shows through.

For a perfect fit, make sure that the underwire fits snugly against the skin and just under the bust. If you want to avoid visible seams altogether, try sculpting lingerie, whether it's a full sculpting dress or a waist shaper, for example. You kill two birds with one stone: nothing shows and you get a beautiful silhouette.

tight dress underwear

What lingerie to wear with a strapless dress?

For a strapless dress, choose a bra similar to that of a dress with a very plunging or wide neckline, because it is also important that the shoulders and neckline remain clear. Therefore, all women should have a well-fitting strapless bra in their wardrobe that lifts the neckline a bit.

Many women also wear a strapless push-up bra under their wedding dress, because on this day, the focus is often on free shoulders.

A bandeau bra is especially suitable for summer, which you can wear not only under a strapless dress, but also under a loose blouse. Bandeau bras are very comfortable, especially in the warm season, because they do not have underwires. Because they fit tightly against the skin, they offer great support and nothing slips out. Of course, if the support of the straps is important to you, you can also opt for a bra with transparent straps.

lingerie with strapless dress

What underwear to wear under a sheer dress?

Sheer dresses and tops are currently in fashion. But what can a woman wear underneath without (unintentionally) revealing too much? We have the solution: the underwear under your sheer dress or lace dress must meet two criteria.

It should be opaque and, if possible, not have detailed embellishments. A very simple bralette bra or a trendy bandeau bra under a sheer, airy dress looks great in the summer. If you want to show a little less skin, opt for a solid colored opaque bodysuit. This way you can play with the transparency "over" and attract curious eyes to you.

underwear with sheer dress

Which bra for a stunning neckline?

For a chic cleavage in a low-cut folk dress, bras have been specially designed. Thanks to their cut, they are comfortable and hardly noticeable, offer great support and show a generous cleavage. An ideal bra is characterized by cups that, like a balconette bra, are only about ¾ high.

Thus, the bra does not protrude and emphasizes a plunging neckline. In addition, the straps are placed far outside, so that they do not protrude, even in the case of a very wide neckline, while providing lateral support. An ideal bra usually has a lace border, which can protrude a little under the dress.

stunning neckline bra

What lingerie to wear with a sheath dress?

The sheath dress was all the rage in the 1930s and again in the 1960s. It is a simple, fitted dress for all occasions. To keep your underwear from showing under your dress and to erase those little bulges, sculpting lingerie is particularly well suited "underneath".

Whether you have a small or large cup size, your bra should fit you like a glove, because a sheath dress hides nothing. With a cup bra or T-shirt bra, you make sure that no contours or seams show through the fabric of the tight dress. And there you have it, you're already perfectly dressed!

lingerie sheath dress

What lingerie to wear under a T-shirt dress?

T-Shirt dresses are coming back to us this summer, they are comfortable and allow you to create a chic or casual outfit in no time, depending on the occasion. The bra or underwear worn under the t-shirt dress should of course be as comfortable as the dress.

Since the material is fluid, it is best to use seamless undergarments, a simple brassiere is ideal. A cup bra with underwire for better support is also a good choice for the "underbelly" of a T-shirt dress.

However, make sure that the bra is as simple as possible and without big embellishments, to avoid applications showing through the fabric of the dress. If you want to hide a small belly under your T-shirt dress, you can opt for a lightweight sculpting bodysuit.

T-shirt dress bra

As we have seen, there are lingerie suitable for every outfit. Depending on the shape of the neckline, the material, the cut and the color of the garment, you will find the right underwear. We hope this guide has provided you with the information you need to quickly decide which bra is best suited to the dress you're wearing. See you soon on Création Satin !


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