How to wear Satin in Summer?

wearing satin in summer

When a fabric flows like water over the body and is just as light as it is cool on the skin, it's actually just right for summer. At least that's the opinion of the brands that have incorporated satin into their spring/summer collections.

As everyone knows, satin is a fabric that evening gowns around the world are often made of. But this summer, the shiny fabric is not limited to that anymore. Wonderful dresses, satin pajamas, blouses and skirts can also be worn everywhere during your summer! ☀️

Satin works not only on a dazzling summer night but also on a hot summer day, it is important to find the right combination. For example, wear satin tops with vintage jeans, a satin dress with sporty slippers or a satin skirt with lace-up flat sandals and a simple tank top. The style should be simple, never too fancy.

satin summer dress

These Satin clothes to wear all Summer long!

Beautiful summer looks in satin accompany us throughout the hot season. No wonder everyone loves satin. With its shimmery look and the right fit, this gorgeous material is now summer-friendly.

Flowing blouses, bright sandals and loose-fitting pants keep us company during the warm months. The best part: tops that look like pajama tops at first glance are not only super comfortable, they are also absolutely trendy and suitable for any occasion. We've selected the best pieces for you:

1) Wear a Satin Dress in Summer

The summer fashion scene is awash with options, but this season, the satin white midi dress reigns supreme. Its ethereal quality reflects the summer sun, creating an enchanting, radiant look. Be it long-sleeved for breezy summer evenings or a lighter version for warm afternoons, a white satin dress offers unmatched versatility.

Color psychology plays its part too - white signifies freshness, simplicity, and elegance, aligning perfectly with the carefree summer vibe. Pair a white satin dress with summer accessories of any color to truly shine.

So, outshine the usual satin jumpsuits and wrap dresses this season. Choose a white satin dress for its timeless elegance and modern versatility. It's more than a fashion trend; it's a symbol of style and confidence.

satin dress

Satin Dress Trend #1: Long Dresses

A look can hardly be more elegant than a floor-length satin dress. This summer, however, noble dresses are being replaced by bright colors, playful floral prints and wide sleeves. This gives your outfit a much cooler and more stylish feel. The look is even more casual when paired with sneakers. If you want to be more stylish, opt for pumps or sandals.

Not comfortable with long dresses? But you don't have to give up on the summer trend. Short satin dresses are also in style. Just make sure your new favorite piece has a loose fit, for the desired dose of casualness.

Fashion professionals like Emili Sindlev actually wear long satin dresses as coats. Just leave the bottom buttons of the dresses open or choose a wrap dress that turns into a coat. All that's left to do is pair it with jeans or a chino of the same color and you're done. A style that hits the spot!

long satin dress

Satin Dress Trend #2: Body-Conscious Dresses

This summer again, the tight dresses should not be missing in our summer wardrobe. Whether it's a wrap dress or not, sexy dresses must be part of your wardrobe. A wonder when it's hot!

Discover all our models of tight dresses by clicking the image below.

satin bodycon dress

Satin Dress Trend #3: Caraco Dresses

This elegant style of dress is a big plus to have in your wardrobe. The satin camisole dress offers a cowl neck for an absolute charm. It is for us the must have for this summer!

Sometimes with a low neckline, sometimes with a lace collar, the camisole dress has been a favorite of American women for many years. Use the thin straps passing over your shoulders to play your assets ladies. Discover our exclusive collection by simply clicking on the image below.

satin camisole dress

Fashion tips for cool Summer days

The right combination makes the difference! The ideal is to mix summer clothes with basics that keep you warm. What does it look like? We'll show you!

1) Tights with your Satin Dress

Don't give up on your short dress and simply pair it with tights. Whether opaque, patterned or sheer, thin tights can be stylish and keep your legs warm too.

Our tip: When shopping, avoid flesh-colored, shiny or matte powdered tights. These often spoil the look and can quickly look out of fashion.

2) Open-toed shoes in cool temperatures

Wear sandals, flip-flops and the like even on cool summer days. Caution: make sure you wear clothes that are warm enough for your legs and arms.

For example, wide suit pants can be worn with open shoes in combination with a light long-sleeved blouse.

summer dress

3) Combine knitting with your dress!

Is knitting in summer impossible? You bet it is! This cozy garment is especially stylish when paired with a skirt or classic denim shorts, but especially with a dress!

Whether it's a silk dress, a pleated dress or a slit dress, wear a fine or chunky knit sweater with it and the cool breeze won't scare you away.

4) A Maxi Dress instead of a Mini Dress

Dresses come in different lengths and fabrics. The maxi dress is an absolute must for cool summer days. With the length of the dress, it is especially the legs that find a warm shelter.

For those who are particularly cold: A garter belt provides additional warmth and goes unnoticed.

satin summer dress

2) Wearing a Satin Blouse in Summer

You only know satin blouses for winter? Then it's time for a fashion update: satin blouses are the girlboss uniforms of summer.

The flowing fabric perfectly flatters the feminine curves and thus skillfully emphasizes the figure. The glamorous lady meets the powerful woman! Colorful satin blouses like pink, red or blue are particularly in demand this summer

But white and beige are also very popular. To keep the look casual, just combine it with cool bottoms and sneakers, that's all this look needs.

satin blouse

3) Wear Satin Pajamas in Summer

A wonder of your winter nights is now coming to the party! Indeed, satin can be worn all year round and does not make you hot! All you need is a thin fabric and a garment that is worn wide enough and you're done.

We invite you to wear your satin pajamas even in summer, ideally with a room temperature between 19 and 24 degrees, and your dreams will not be delayed. Discover our range of pyjamas by simply clicking on the image below.

If you want to know more about it, get to know what fabric to wear in summer!

satin pajamas

Criteria of a quality Satin Clothe

For your favorite satin garment to be of good quality, you must pay attention to the following points:

1) The fiber

Originally, satin is woven from silk. Only buy satin pieces made from synthetic materials like polyester and viscose if they are high quality synthetic fibers.

2) Seams

Small wrinkles at the seams can quickly appear on satin, but they also quickly give the impression too cheap fashion. So make sure that the finish is very good when you buy it.

3) Underwear

Satin is unforgiving, it shows every crease and even more so every underlying line. So wear seamless underwear and, for satin dresses, sculpting models.

Now discover how to iron satin!


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