How to wear Satin Dress in Winter?

wear sati dress winter

Even in mid-season, in autumn and winter, you can wear delicate summer satin dresses and style them! You just need to adopt the right attitudes and pair them well.

In this blog post, I reveal my best tips for wearing your dresses in winter. From warm underwear, loose sweaters to matching tights, there is something for everyone. I'm going to talk about satin dresses in particular, but my tips work for all types of clothing! šŸ‘—

Let's find out without further ado how to make it easy for yourself to wear your satin dresses during the winter. Ready? Let's get started!

satin dress

Which satin dress to wear in winter?

It's all about the pattern. But in my opinion, patterns do not depend on the season. Some patterns said "for summer" can also be used during the fall and winter.

As far as satin is concerned, dresses are often solid colors. So, not really a problem of patterns. But the colors can play their roles. Indeed, the so-called "dark" colors are preferred. But why not to choose a pink satin dress, orange, light green or other... and associate it with another dark color? This is what I recommend.

satin dress with coat

What to wear under your dress in winter?

A satin dress is made of a thin material that becomes quite light in fall/winter. An underdress is perfect to make the summer dress suitable for winter. The fabric of the underdress should be smooth so that the dress doesn't "stick" or ride up over it. šŸ˜‡

In the summer, it is hot, so many clothes are sleeveless. In the fall and winter, as well as mid-season, you can put a thin long-sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck sweater underneath. Make sure that the surface is very thin, or at least a little thinner than the dress over it. For the truly chilly, long-sleeved wool undershirts are perfect.

long satin dress in winter

The dress has sleeves? In this case, the long-sleeved t-shirt, turtleneck and cozy knitted cuffs are a great help. Or you can directly put on over a cozy knit coat with long sleeves.

Extra tip for a fully buttoned front summer shirtdress: wear it as a "coat" over skinny leather pants, leather leggings or skinny jeans and button it only in the front at the waist. Have a narrow waist? Then use a wide belt for the waist.

What to wear over a satin dress in winter?

Here it all depends on the occasion and your style. Here are some suggestions:Ā 

cardigan with dress

  • A cardigan or a long knit coat makes the dress more casual. Is the knit coat too shapeless for you? Place a belt at the waist over it and your coat will already have more contour.
  • With a leather jacket, the look is rocking.
  • A blazer makes it chic. It can even be a velvet or corduroy blazer.
  • A knit cover-up, a poncho, a cozy, casual cape.
  • With a denim jacket and a trench coat over it, you're in shape for mid-season.

Currently, oversized sweaters are particularly trendy over a dress or skirt. In the end, to wear satin in winter is not very different than wearing satin in summer...

sweaters with dress

Wear tights with your dress!

It goes without saying that we don't like to be cold in winter and that's why we don't wear dresses very often. But don't panic, our friends the tights are there for us!

Indeed, wearing tights comes to protect us from the cold, but it can be a real asset to give a boost to our style. Enjoy yourself!

tights with dress

What shoes to wear with my Satin Dress in Winter?

Sturdy shoes like ankle boots, boots, or closed wedge heels are a great contrast to the delicate satin fabric of the dress. For example, winter boots with a streamlined sole in biker style, lace-up boots in Dr Martens style. Chelsea boots and riding boots are also suitable, as well as suede or imitation leather boots.

To look like you have extra long legs, keep the color of the boots and tights tone on tone.

Flesh-colored tights are best for cool spring days or late summer and fall. They give a certain lightness to the looks. Boots in brown and beige tones look great with them.

Get to know what shoes go with satin dress for a perfect look!

shoes with dress

Accessories with my Dress

To give summer dresses and skirts a fall and winter touch, style breaks are important. If you pair a thin, finely knit cardigan with a summer dress, not only will it be cool, but the look will be "neither all half nor all the other way around." Not quite summer, not quite fall.

Cozy chunky knit scarves, knit cuffs, beanies or even a flannel hat, chunky knit or cabled sweaters and fluffy knit coats, set the tone. šŸ˜Ž

You can match your look with color-coordinated earrings, necklaces and bracelets. For example, big gemstones, chains with leather ribbons and brass pendants look great.

Now you have some ideas to combine modern and flowing dresses. This way you will be warm in fall, winter and mid-season. I hope you have fun dressing up!

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long satin dress

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