What to wear in winter 2022-2023 ? Fashion Trends

What to wear in winter 2022

How many times have you stood in front of your wardrobe and not known what to wear? When you want to express your style, you think that every detail must be perfect. But when faced with a full wardrobe, you always feel like you have so many clothes to choose from and none of them are suitable to create the outfit you have in mind. 🥰

When winter arrives, you have the advantage of layering and wearing fashion accessories to diversify your look. But that doesn't mean you have to give the green light to the rampant accumulation of new clothes. You'll only risk having more and more clothes that don't go together and increase indecision when you're in front of your wardrobe. 

The solution is to analyze your wardrobe and develop an effective strategy to create perfect matches for every occasion. Here are our tips for success every time.

what to wear during winter

Winter 2022 : Fashion Trends

It seems like a paradox. You are surrounded by clothes lying on your bed, sitting on your chair and hanging in your closet. You keep stroking the fabrics of each garment without deciding what to wear. The closet is not empty at all, but "you have nothing to wear". The reality is that you can't find anything that inspires you or is appropriate for the day you are about to have.

Don't wait until the last moment to choose what to wear. Spend a little time reorganizing your wardrobe and it will be easier to find the perfect outfit. what to wear in winter for women Take advantage of the change of season to put away all the clothes that are too light and find new combinations with your winter clothes that you had put aside with the arrival of spring.

winter fashion trends

When you have so many clothes and accessories in your closet, it can be hard to remember, season after season, all the clothes you have available, as well as the outfits you use most often. 😇 

Here's a tip to find new combinations and renewing your look in 3 valuable steps:

  • Declutter. Select the clothes you want to get rid of and the ones you can keep.
  • Organize. Organize your closet into sections so you have every item of clothing within reach.
  • Shop responsibly. Only buy clothes and accessories that go with at least three outfits you already have or that complement the outfits you want to update.

It's not important to have dozens of different clothes. It is better to have a few clothes, but in good condition, that can be worn on several occasions and that best reflect your style. In short, you should give priority to your well-being when you wear your clothes.

women's winter fashion look

Winter outfits that never go out of style

Once you've got your closet set up to be neat and tidy, you'll find what you need in a flash. Identify the basics and focus on them to create stylish outfits for everyday wear. With the right combination of clothes, you'll look great for any occasion.


Even those who don't like to wear dresses much should have a little black dress in their wardrobe. It is the basis of a perfect outfit for many occasions, not only for elegant dates. It is also suitable for people with a shapely figure who want to show off their assets. 💃

With a colorful shoe and a scarf in palette with the other accessories, this is the perfect outfit for an drink. With a cardigan and booties, it's very comfortable for the day at the office or in the city. Showcase it with a soft, colorful scarf and an outer garment that doesn't completely hide it.

The ideal, in summer or winter, is to have satin dresses in your wardrobe! Discover our exclusive collection by clicking on the image below.

satin dress


Jeans are the most versatile and wearable pant style for all body types. It doesn't matter if you have a pear, hourglass or apple physique: you just need to find the right model to highlight your assets. 👖

You can dress up your jeans in a casual style, wearing them with a soft sweater, a light scarf, chunky boots and a leather jacket. Or, make them more elegant with a distinctively styled shirt, heels and bright jewelry. Among the many shades, you will find your favorite look.

wear winter jeans woman

White shirt

An all-purpose garment, which enhances any other garment with which it is associated. If you have a skirt with a particular design, or a fancy pattern, and you do not know how to match it, the white shirt allows you to avoid the drama of combining shapes and shades.

Just like jeans, the white shirt fits all body types. You can make it less dramatic by wearing it with a bow at the waist or make it more austere by tucking the ends into pants. Or, adapt it to a more casual style, if it remains a little unbuttoned and decorated with a cotton scarf.

white shirt woman look

The trench coat

The trench coat is the outerwear that best adapts to changes in look. It is therefore suitable for all occasions. The best choice is to wear it in a nude color, like beige or powder.

After all, even if it's winter, you don't always have to wear black or dark tones. Also, a lighter color palette will make the colorful outfit, which can be seen underneath, stand out when you leave it open a bit on sunny days. Or, you can wear it with a scarf to complement it, pulling it over the collar for protection on frosty mornings. ❄️

The secret to not getting lost in indecision in front of the open wardrobe doors is to focus on a garment that you love to wear and play with the right combinations to create an outfit that expresses your personality.

trench coat in winter for a woman

Wearing the right accessories in Winter

Be ready. Don't wait until the morning before you go out to decide what to wear. This bad habit contributes to your dissatisfaction and increases stress. Prepare the clothes you want to wear the night before, making sure each item is clean and ready to wear.

If you find that the shirt you've chosen needs to be washed, there's still time to change your mind about what to wear the next day.

accessories to wear in winter

It would be even better if you could plan what you are going to wear throughout the week. This allows you to make sure that all the clothes are clean and stored in your closet for the day you need them. But if you run into a problem and can't wear the sweater or dress you planned, don't be discouraged.

You'll walk out the door with an emergency outfit, but you can always dress it up with your favorite fashion accessories:

  • Make that sweater you almost never wear stand out with a scarf. 🧣
  • Give a dress some character by pairing it with a scarf. Use designer brooches to create eye-catching highlights.
  • By planning your outfits ahead of time, you'll always find something to wear.

Visit our online store and discover satin fashion accessories.

winter 2022 fashion trends


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