What shoes go with Satin Dress ?

What shoes go with Satin Dress ? - Miss Satin

Satin is an extremely subtle fabric with a beautiful sheen and a delicate shimmer. The flowing fabric perfectly fits the figure and is comfortable for the skin. No wonder it has become so popular! Influencers love satin dresses in underwear, swimsuit or glamour style. Discover what shoes complement a look with a satin dress! ✨

Hannah Ann Sluss, Leonie Hanne, Liza Rudkevich.... There are many trendsetters who are in love with satin. We take our inspiration from them!

Before to start, check out our collection of the most beautiful satin dresses on earth. Click on the image below to discover them!

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Underwear style satin dress, what shoes to wear it with?

The dress, which resembles a nightgown, has won the hearts of women. It's hard to find a more feminine and effective outfit, especially if you choose a nude-colored model. Just look at the photo of the beautiful Hannah Ann Sluss.

The American TV star wowed fans with an extremely subtle styling, consisting of a loose satin dress and beige high heels with ankle straps. The perfect complement to the minimalist outfit is a delicate jewelry and subtle makeup. What kind of comment would you leave under this photo?

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Satin Dress with Heels

Wearing a satin dress in lingerie style requires a certain amount of courage - especially for models with thin straps, plunging neckline and in mini length. Leonie Hanne is a big fan of satin. The influential trendsetter has a perfect figure with perfect proportions, thanks to which she looks great in "flowy" fabrics.

She recently posted a photo on Instagram in a satin light blue dress with a decorative bow on the thigh. Silver accessories played a significant role here - a shiny handbag + heeled sandals. What do you think of the whole thing? A bit party-y but with class!

Discover now what lingerie to wear under a dress!

heels and satin dress

What shoes go with a maxi length satin dress?

Despite all appearances, the satin dress goes perfectly with casual stylings. You just need to know what to pair it with! This includes oversize blazers, cardigans in different lengths and denim outerwear. ✌️

Justyna Czerniak recently suggested an interesting styling with a lime women's satin dress. The well-known Polish influencer diversified the creation with a black blazer and boots of the same color with square toe caps. Attention was drawn to trendy accessories - a camel-colored handbag, large sunglasses with square frames and gold creoles. What do you say to it?

boots and dress satin

Satin Dress with Strappy Shoes

Recently, I found an equally successful outfit on Gitta Banko's Instagram. The German trendsetter presented herself in a long ecru satin dress and an elegant coat. Thanks to the exposed shoulders and collarbones, the styling took on a feminine charm. The icing on the cake are shoes designed by Sophia Webster! Fancy embellishments on the back of the upper attracted the attention of observers, and yours?

This white satin dress is absolutely wonderful, as all others. Get yours today!

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Satin dress and sneakers? Why not!

Although it may seem that high heels are the best shoes for satin dresses, influencers are after breaking stereotypes and donning... ladies sneakers with them. And surprisingly, the effect is really great! 💃

Just look at the photo of Géraldine Boublil. The famous fashionista opted for a styling that consisted of a milk-colored dress, a dark blue blazer with horizontal stripes and white ladies sneakers. Elegant pearls are an interesting accent. What do you think about such an unusual combination?

sneakers and satin dress

Not only Géraldine Boublil wears sneakers with satin dresses, but also the beautiful Xenia Adonts. The blonde influencer is not afraid to experiment with colors, especially in the spring/summer season. The outfit starring a dark green satin dress caught my attention. Xenia put on a satin shirt with it and complemented it with a handbag in juicy orange and colorful women's sneakers by Nike. Controversial but beautiful!

look sneakers and dress

I think you already know the answer to the question of what shoes go with a satin dress and perfectly complement your look. Sometimes it pays to break the patterns and combine the non-obvious elements!


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